Automating Your Potting Tasks – Get whole new benefits with Twin

Twin Engineers is known for its expertise in Meter Mix Dispensing, Oil Filling, and Robotic Sealant Dispensing. The company has over two decades of expertise in automating a range of mixing and dispensing processes, one of which is Potting.

Twin’s machines have been used to automate 100+ niche and proven potting applications in various industry verticals from transformers to auto parts and temperature sensors to capacitors.

Consider our experience of developing a fully integrated plant for one of the world’s leading Japanese auto-electronic part manufacturer. The client was not just able to automate the electronic potting process with enhanced efficiency and throughput, but could do so with a complete control on the quality and safety. Twin has also been a major provider of process automation solutions for global automobile manufacturers such as Harley Davidson, Toyota, Volvo, and Honda.

Here are the notable benefits of automation the potting processes where Twin’s technology can help to create a competitive edge for you-

Optimized – Tapping opportunities to reduce cycle time where there were none
From dual potting heads to integrating pre-heating and potting stations on a single Machine, Twin has offered several innovative automation solutions to significantly reduce the cycle time of the process. In a machine that was supplied recently to a large transformer manufacturer based in Turkey, Twin was able reduce the cycle time by 20% as compared to the German machines which the customer was already using. This was achieved by optimising the size of the vacuum chamber to accommodate double the number of components and thus effectively reduce the time required to create and kill the vacuum by almost 50%.

Seamless – towards lean production lines
Twin’s fully automated potting lines are well proven in simplifying the potting process as a whole. The entire process of pre-heating with curing is accomplished in a sequential manner to ensure less processing time and desired quality. Clients have earned dividends in multiple ways from space and cost savings due to optimised layouts, seamless production flow without manual intervention and an accurate control over the entire production process, including potting.

Consistent – improved quality and control
In an extremely competitive environment, the quality of the product can become a significant competitive advantage. Be it the high-volume assembly operations like creating small automotive sensors or the potting process of motor windings installed in submersible pumps. Automation of tasks like potting will help in maintaining a consistently high quality as this allows greater control over dispensing conditions like temperature, mixing ratio, and dispensing volume.

Flexibility – The key to modern-day success
Driven by processes that have proven successful internationally, globalised production centres, and shorter product life-cycles, manufacturing companies are seeking more flexibility. To go-to-market faster and address the needs of their demanding customers, they need to be able to change layouts, materials, and even key processes like potting.

These changes should be easy to make and should be inexpensive, so they don’t make a dent on investment budgets. This is where Twin’s designs have been making a mark. Our solutions for automating potting are modular. They allow fast, easy, and economical adoption. This allows manufacturing companies to automate their potting tasks quicker and get the benefits faster.

The next wave of automation is already knocking on the doors of the manufacturing industry. The Internet of Things has brought with it sensors that can provide much more intense and real-time monitoring of every phase of the production process. This will allow the triggering of better predictions of downtimes promoting better quality and faster production. But, that’s the subject of another blog -so do stay tuned!

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