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Sealant Dispensing Technology for Rotors in Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles are disruptive in more ways than we think. It’s not just the change of fuel, but a re-engineering of an entire value chain. From a mixing and dispensing technology view, adhesives will replace the traditional welded and riveted parts in the electric vehicles. At the same time, there is a demand for serving several new applications such as sealing in batteries, specialised dispensing in rotor motors, adhesive dispensing in composite or new age materials and much more.

For the last few years, Twin Engineers has enabled several applications for the Electric Vehicles using cutting-edge solutions.

Dispensing technology for the heart of EVs
Magnets form the heart of the motors in Electric Vehicles. Recently, the team at Twin Engineers developed an Epoxy dispensing Machine for sealing a set of magnets in the rotor of EV motor.

Void-free sealing with under vacuum dispensing
The job involved dispensing of 2 Part Epoxy (shot size of 150 gm) inside the cavity of the rotor holding the magnets. The sealing operation prevents the magnets from displacement under the rotational forces inside the motor. Accurate filling of quantity, mixing ratio accuracy are highly critical to ensuring the proper functioning of the EV motor. The material was dispensed under vacuum to ensure void-free sealing of multiple magnets through the deep cavity inside the rotor.

Meeting the specific needs of the process
Twin’s team designed the dispensing set-up by a careful consideration of the smallest details expected to be at play in the application. Starting from the selection of materials in the machine to programming the dispensing path, everything was designed to meet the highly specific needs of the process.

Charged for a high-speed production
Twin’s team helped the customer to achieve the desired cycle time, thus ensuring a high-speed production for a critical process. The Machine, build on Twin’s Intellomix platform comes with important interlocks for process parameters to ensure absolutely no deviation in end product quality.

Twin has been a partner to develop mixing and dispensing technology to some of the largest OEMs and Suppliers of Electric Vehicles in India. If you are looking for an expert partner in developing parts or components for Electric Vehicles that use sealants or adhesives, speak to one of Twin’s representatives to explore new possibilities.

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