A leading Auto-Electronic manufacturer chooses Twin's Machine for epoxy dispensing in Two Wheeler Magneto

Euro VI necessitates several fundamental changes in technology for Two Wheelers. To comply to the Euro VI norms, Two Wheeler manufacturers are likely to phase out CDIs and Carburettor whose functions will be carried by the new Magneto coil designs and ECUs.

When one of world’s top Auto-Electronic manufacturer was looking for a reliable solution to dispense single component epoxy on the winding (12 to 18 poles) of its newly designed Magneto coil, it selected Twin’s Machine for the job.

The process uses a single component epoxy in order to insulate and bond the winding and prevent its fly-off under high rotational forces. With a decade-long relationship and a strong reputation earned from Twin’s previous projects, the Client entrusted the task of developing the machine for this new application to Twin’s team.

The single component Epoxy Dispensing Machine equipped with dual-head Robotic Dispensing, designed by Twin, serves the specific needs of the application including accurate shot size and desired cycle time. The dual dispensing heads on the Machine improve the productivity of the process by enabling simultaneous dispensing in two coils. The highly compact design, coupled with the most advanced controls has helped the client to save space and costs while providing total assurance to achieve the product quality, as desired.

Over the last two decades, Twin has developed specialized mixing and dispensing machines to cater to over 120 applications in a variety of electronic and electrical products.

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