Designed in Germany for Industry's Most Advanced Features

Live Demo of Twin's NexGen 2k Adhesive Pump
Industry's Most Advanced.

Twin has been working as a trusted partner with India’s top Laminator manufacturers since the last 10 years. Twin’s NexGen Pump, owing to its revolutionary features, has quickly become the first choice for Manufacturers, End users and large-scale FMCG companies switching to solventless lamination, to emerge as the largest selling 2K Pump (Mixer) in India.

The NexGen Pump comes with several unique features, including production monitoring facility on mobile, built-in E-Manuals, Videos for installation and maintenance and SMS/Email Alerts for faults and maintenance.

See Industry’s First Instant Service App!
Just scan a QR Code on your NextGen 2k Pump from Twin’s Instant Service App to register your service call. The Operators can now directory connect with Twin’s service team using the App and get instant update on the status of their service request.

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