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Full line of Plug-n-play Sealant Pumps

Dispensing Pumps by Twin Engineers are used to supply sealants from 20/200 L Drums and thus offer significant cost savings as opposed to the Cartridge (300 ml) based dispensers that are commonly used by solar panel manufacturers.

These sealant pumps are designed keeping in mind the specific requirements of the solar panel manufacturers and can be used for manual dispensing or easily integrated with Robotic dispensing systems.

Advantages of Sealant Pumps

  • Up to 60% savings in sealant costs with bulk buying
  • Over 30% improvement in productivity with lesser changeover as compared to cartridge dispensers
  • Lesser labor requirement with far lesser changeovers
  • Option for automated changeover that enables continual production
  • Easy integration with any robotic dispensing systems

Economies of scale is critical to profitability of Solar Module manufacturers. Whether it is the savings in cost of purchase or better utilization through greater scale, every bit, that helps to reduce the unit costs, counts. As Solar Module manufacturers look for strategies to reduce costs, Automating the sealant dispensing process offers several hidden but significant opportunities.

In sealing, material saved is money earned
It is almost unavoidable to arrest material wastage in manual processes. Whether it is use of excess material, losses in handling or wastage due to rework, the small quantities add up to to become significant costs. Manufacturers are looking forward to leverage robotic dispensing to ensure near-zero wastage of sealant.

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