Launching NextGen Machines at Plast India 2018

2k Pump for Packaging, Cast PU, Composites and Sealant Dispensing

Twin Engineers will launch the NextGen Series Machines in four categories at the upcoming Plast India 2018 show at Gandhinagar in Gujarat, India.

The NexGen Pump comes with several unique features, including production monitoring facility on mobile, built-in E-Manuals, Videos for installation and maintenance and SMS/Email Alerts for faults and maintenance.

laminator-live-production-dataThe best for your Laminators!
Solventless Pump is the heart of Laminators, often defining its quality, productivity and output. Twin’s NextGen Pump for Solventless Lamination comes with some of the most advanced features in the world ensuring the best combination for your Laminators. What’s more, 9 of the top 10 Laminator Manufacturers in India trust Twin’s NextGen Pump for their domestic and export customers.

cast-pu-mdi-machineMeet India’s most advanced Cast PU Machines
More than 25 production facilities in India and Thailand have successfully grown their business with Twin’s advanced Cast PU technology. Whether you are shifting from rubber to PU products, wanting to expand export business or shift to new process or materials (MDI/TDI) Twin offers the right solution for you.

Advanced Mixing and Dispensing for Composites

Twin Engineers offers precision mixing and dispensing solutions for a wide range of applications in manufacturing of composite products. Starting from filament winding for cylinders in tap insulators to the manufacturing of wind mill rotor blades, Twin’s systems are used by leading composite product manufacturers around the world.

Meet the new high performance Electric pump from Twin with integrated metering
Twin’s SC20 is designed to set a new standard in Sealant Dispensing. Featuring several technology innovations to drive high performance, the SC20 comes with 30% lesser floor space, lowest Total Cost of Ownership and several productivity enhancing benefits.

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