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19-21 JUNE 2018
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20+ Years of
Expertise in
Mixing and Dispensing


Automate any process that requires filling, meter mix dosing or robotic dispensing of fluids, adhesives and sealants, respectively.


We work as your trusted partner to significantly enhance the process productivity and improve product quality.

Dispensing Automation

  1. Cylinder Block

    X-Y Table

    Twin's MMD Systems can be easily integrated with X-Y Table to improve productivity and ensure accurate dispensing for profiles of various shapes including square, rectangular, trapezoidal etc. Twin has provided a range of solutions for PU dispensing in filters and potting applications such as relays.

  2. Crank Case

    X-Y Robotic Dispensing

    Twin offers seamless integration of its systems with 2/3/4 Axis Robotic Dispensing for various applications in potting, vacuum potting, electrical casting etc. The systems are proven in significantly boosting the productivity in dispensing, especially for repeatable, large volume jobs.

  3. Wheel

    Fully Automated Machines

    Twin’s specialist range of fully automated machines help reduce labor, improve productivity by automating dispensing, loading/unloading and handling of components in a single unit. The machines are proven for high volume production of electronic components such as ECUs, Relays, Motors etc.

  4. Door

    Plant Automation

    Twin offers total plant automation for filling and dispensing applications, across various industries. The automation in plants is fully custom designed to meet the needs of applications and productivity goals. Twin has complete in-house capabilities to design and system integration required for complete plant including every task.

  5. Fly Wheel

    6 Axis Robotic Dispensing Cell

    Twin automates complete production line with 6 Axis Robotic Cell for dispensing applications in automotives, consumer goods, electronics, filters and more. The system, used by some of the world’s leading automakers for engine, head lamp sealing applications, is delivered on end to end basis including loading/unloading and material handling, as per process need.

Solutions for Dispensing
few mg in potting to several kgs in resin infusion
to meet all your needs

500+ Customers
Exports to 11 Countries

Based in Pune, India, Twin Engineers is the only company, globally, to offer solutions across fluid filling, meter mix dosing and sealant dispensing for over 15 diverse industries.

Dedicated R&D Center

At Convergence, your challenges in dispensing automation meet our solutions. The dedicated team of R&D professionals follows unique process and comes with over 100+ years of combined expertise in dispensing automation.

News & Events

  • laminator-live-production-data

    Launching NextGen Machines

    February 5, 2018

    Twin Engineers will launch the NextGen Series Machines in four categories at the upcoming Plast India 2018 show at Gandhinagar in Gujarat, India.

    The NexGen Pump comes with several unique features, including production monitoring facility on mobile, built-in E-Manuals, Videos for installation and maintenance and SMS/Email Alerts for faults and maintenance.

    laminator-live-production-dataThe best for your Laminators!
    Solventless Pump is the heart of Laminators, often defining its quality, productivity and output. Twin’s NextGen Pump for Solventless Lamination comes with some of the most advanced features in the world ensuring the best combination for your Laminators. What’s more, 9 of the top 10 Laminator Manufacturers in India trust Twin’s NextGen Pump for their domestic and export customers.

    cast-pu-mdi-machineMeet India’s most advanced Cast PU Machines
    More than 25 production facilities in India and Thailand have successfully grown their business with Twin’s advanced Cast PU technology. Whether you are shifting from rubber to PU products, wanting to expand export business or shift to new process or materials (MDI/TDI) Twin offers the right solution for you.

    Advanced Mixing and Dispensing for Composites

    Twin Engineers offers precision mixing and dispensing solutions for a wide range of applications in manufacturing of composite products. Starting from filament winding for cylinders in tap insulators to the manufacturing of wind mill rotor blades, Twin’s systems are used by leading composite product manufacturers around the world.

    Meet the new high performance Electric pump from Twin with integrated metering
    Twin’s SC20 is designed to set a new standard in Sealant Dispensing. Featuring several technology innovations to drive high performance, the SC20 comes with 30% lesser floor space, lowest Total Cost of Ownership and several productivity enhancing benefits.

  • live-demo-twin-engineers

    Live Demo of Twin’s NexGen 2k Adhesive Pump

    August 1, 2017

    Twin has been working as a trusted partner with India’s top Laminator manufacturers since the last 10 years. Twin’s NexGen Pump, owing to its revolutionary features, has quickly become the first choice for Manufacturers, End users and large-scale FMCG companies switching to solventless lamination, to emerge as the largest selling 2K Pump (Mixer) in India.

    The NexGen Pump comes with several unique features, including production monitoring facility on mobile, built-in E-Manuals, Videos for installation and maintenance and SMS/Email Alerts for faults and maintenance.

    See Industry’s First Instant Service App!
    Just scan a QR Code on your NextGen 2k Pump from Twin’s Instant Service App to register your service call. The Operators can now directory connect with Twin’s service team using the App and get instant update on the status of their service request.

  • sealant-dispensing-image-blog-twin

    Introducing… Electric Dispensing Systems for Sealants and Adhesives

    July 25, 2017

    Twin Engineers comes with 20+ years of expertise in delivering sealant and adhesive dispensing solutions and is trusted by some of the world’s leading companies to automate their dispensing processes.

    With the launch of next generation sealant/adhesive dispensing pumps, for 300 ml Cartridge / 20/ 200L Drums, Twin is helping companies from multiple industries to achieve greater throughput and material savings

    Key Advantages

    Uniform Bead Dispensing for Life-time
    The advanced electric dispensing systems enable accurate dispensing, throughout lifetime, resulting in uniform bead size.

    Combined metering systems save costs and materials
    An integrated metering system within the pump works as a complete dispensing solution and needs no add-on investments.

    Compact, automation-ready pumps
    The pumps can be easily integrated with robotic dispensing stations with automated component handling systems.

  • twin-yoga-day-blog

    Speaking to the Master – an interview with Yogi Dr. Samprasad Vinod

    June 21, 2017

    Dr. Samprasad Vinod is a unique, multifaceted personality from the field of yoga. He is a qualified Medical Doctor, a renowned Yoga Guru, Published Author, Motivational Speaker and a scientist of the Inner World.


    He is well-known in India and abroad for his unique contribution to the field of Yoga for ‘Shavasan-Meditation’ and teaching how to perform ‘Yoga Practices in a Meditative State’, so as to facilitate its integration into daily living.

    There are many school of thoughts in Yoga. How one should choose and start?
    There are many forms of Yoga and for choosing the right path, one must dive deep within to make friends with oneself and start understanding one’s actions, emotions, thoughts for developing deep insight into one’s basic nature. It is essential first step to decide about the particular path of yoga to follow.


    ‘Karma Yoga’ – path of action is suitable for the extroverts or outgoing people 12whereas, intellectuals do well in ‘Gyana Yoga’-the path of knowledge. Path of devotion is appropriate for the emotional/sensitive people and ‘Dhyan Yoga’ – path of mediation is meant for the mentally strong ones.Interestingly, ‘Eight Limb path of Yoga’ – the Ashtanga Yoga of Maharshi Patanjali is suitable to all regardless of age, sex, nationality, religion, education and experience.

    Even if we choose one path, others are not banned for us, although our chosen path remains our main spiritual sadhana, but we may have to make combinations of various approaches from time to time according to our needs.

    People start with Yoga with lot of enthusiasm and after certain point of time they loose on momentum. What would you advice?
    Most people start yoga for one reason or the other. Once, the limited goal is achieved they tend to become slack. But, if they continue to learn and practice yoga for the sheer joy of learning and experiencing it, results follow as a natural consequence of such approach.

    Over a period of time you begin to understand yoga well, develop true taste for it and start having good time doing it regularly. Later on, ‘having good time’ becomes your constant motivation.

    You have closely associated with many Corporates. What kind of people challenges dominate?
    Modern day Corporate personnel is struggling to meet the challenges on two fronts. First one, as we are all aware, is the work pressure. Faster delivery deadlines, time constraints and the accompanying stress. Adapting to every day changes, particularly related to recent developments in technology is one more major cause of concern for them.

    Meditation and meditative way of doing yoga practices can bring profound peace that would help one stay in a perpetual learning mode, which is a very effective long term solution to those problems. Myopic perspective of reality is the root cause of all human problems. It either makes one bog down or retaliate with vengeance. Both are harmful in all human relations.

    But, learning mode consequent to proper practice of yoga takes care of one’s ego and related problems. It makes one receptive to outside world by developing good rapport with it. Good rapport further improves learning by helping one take work related challenges in stride and proceed towards effective solutions.

    In last 20 – 25 years, how do you see yoga has evolved in peoples daily life?
    10 In the wake of growing worldwide interest and popularity based on realization of its rational basis, the ancient science of yoga is juxtaposed to modern science and is getting readily accepted by the scientific community.
    Its transcultural nature is also getting recognized by people from different parts of the globe.

    Surely, it is crossing the religious and geographical boundaries with rapid pace. Sadly, only physical yoga has reached all corners of the world. It is mainly because physical flexibility attained through yoga is visible to the individual person practicing it and can be demonstrated to others. On the other hand, mental flexibility which is developed through meditation is not readily visible to others. It is still the most important aspect of yoga that should also be understood and practiced. It is surely a far more appropriate and complete perspective of yoga.

    Yoga as lifestyle… your definition?
    Yoga should always be practiced as a way of living for bringing lasting balance between worldly and spiritual life. Such a balance is extremely important for healthy, happy and complete living. It is made possible by addressing all aspects of human personality – body, mind, intellect, emotions as well as spirit.

    Message on International Yoga Day
    Taking inspiration from the International Day Celebration, we have to focus on learning and practicing classical or abhijat yoga than mere physical yoga for getting the best results. Classical yoga has the potential to effectively handle our personal, familial, social, national as well as international problems in a practical and fundamental manner.

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